Program Summary

JOI Neuron TM

PERSUNALITY is a team of innovators introducing JOI Neuron to SW Virginia, an strategy of social inclusion and prevention of substance abuse with the vision of expanding across the US.

The Joy Of Interaction (JOI) Neuron is a unique experience for children (ages 5 +) involving art and science to learn about important effects of substances, emotions and social factors in the brain while taking part of an interactive game.

JOI Neuron

Mission and Vision


To capture the curiosity and imagination of children with a unique experience  offering awareness on substance abuse.


To have a forever-lasting positive impact in the life of children.

The Problem - A Health Epidemic Crisis

Global Perspective

Substance abuse has increased over the last 15 years affecting millions.

Drug overdoses are the #1 cause of accidental death in the US (more than car crashes, gun violence, and even breast cancer)

The overall life expectancy has declined for two years in a row

The costs of addiction exceed $700 billion annually (16 % of the states budget is spent on addiction and Substance use)
The Problem - Lack of Education & Awareness

A Focus on Prevention

The Prevention Programs have failed. (We can save lives, and save money by investing in evidence-based prevention strategies)

The perception of the drug risks from 8th graders has not changed over the last 20 years.

The use of vaping devices has increased in Middle Schools (from 2017 (27.8 % use) to 2018 (37.3 % use)
An Innovative Solution

JOI Neuron TM

JOI Neuron or  “Joy-Of-Interaction Neuron”  utilizes data tracking to provide  a holistic health strategy in educating children about Substance Abuse.

A large-scale boardgame designed to provide education about Substance Abuse through interactive activities of science, art and technology.

It also includes the development of:

  • A Data platform
  • The JOI Neuron board game, books, toys and video games
  • Training and certification for students, parents and educators
JOI Neuron

Who do we wish to serve?

  • Government and community Leaders in Education, Healthcare and Law enforcement  with concern of public health.
  • Parents and family members of children at elementary school and/or Middle School levels.
JOI Neuron

Key Partners

  • Health, Social work and Education Professionals and College Students
  • Parent –Teacher Associations (PTA)
  • After School Programs and other prevention programs.