A Little Of Our Story


A Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and fun program involving music and inter-cultural competence among other aspects that we want to share with others through unique modes of communication, hoping to motivate people to build healthier relationships (based on values of trust, compassion and respect) as well as providing health education using fun facts of neuroscience and chemistry.

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Our Company Values


Artists from Venezuela who often invite other talented dancers and musicians from Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Peru and the USA to offer unique performances and bring entertainment with cultural insights through songs in Spanish and English. TRICOLOR is a key part of bringing JOI (Joy Of Interaction) to SW Virginia and the world through our social media.

A Little Of Our Story


These events are designed for the celebration of the HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH in the United States (SEP 15 TO OCT 15). Different Institutions from SW Virginia participate in a competition where Latin American Countries are represented based on several traditions or cultural aspects (music, dance, food, outfits, etc). Then the Festival showcases local artists, food vendors, and organizations of SW Virginia in celebration of the HISPANIC and LATINO culture.

Our Company Values


Fables inspired by different aspects of culture, diversity, identity, and inclusion that will involve various audiences based on the academic concept of intercultural competence. These stories will be presented in theater, videos, and books for the enjoyment of our community and beyond!

A Little Of Our Story


Spanish or English short phrases written by people in our community will be collected containing motivational, spiritual and inspirational messages addressed to anyone who may need it at a vulnerable time in life. These phrases will reflect the compassion that we may feel for others and our willingness to offer a touch of kindness. They will be shared through various JOI products, distributed to organizations and available for public sale as well.

Hispanic Festival - Fiesta Multicultural


Free fun family event
Authentic food
Live music & dance